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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Date of the CBS TV Concert?



I here present relevant pieces of information, which are a Catch-22 insofar as establishing the date of the CBS TV Recital. I think the one certain conclusion to be drawn is that the concert was NOT recorded solely in February 1968, as has been widely reported.


See below for a ticket, which once belonged to Horowitz's stand-in pianist, Sheldon Skolnik, dated December 20, 1967. Upon Skolnik's death, the ticket was inherited by his friend Steven Heliotes. Recounted by Heliotes, the backstory explains why the ticket is whole and not torn:

"... I remember Sheldon telling me that due to some kind of oversight or other not enough tickets had been distributed to fill the hall (it was by invitation only I don't believe they were put on sale to the public) and Sheldon and some others were given handfuls of tickets and went out in front of Carnegie Hall stopping people on the street asking them if they'd like a free ticket for a Horowitz concert.... I'm sure he had a few tickets virgo intacta which would explain it."

PDF- front of ticket



PDF- back of ticket



The CBS recordings log clearly notes recording sessions on both January 2 and February 1, 1968. Further confusion is added by the fact that the January 2 takes are marked "remake," which would seem to indicate a previous session.

PDF- Recordings Log




A New York Times article from January 17, 1968 implies that the concert has not yet been broadcast OR played, and reads as though the agreement to televise the concert had only just been reached (not the case, since there was definitely a recording session on January 2). The article specifies that the concert will take place on February 1.

PDF- New York Times