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Sunday, July 21, 2024


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Unfortunately, copyright issues prevent the reproduction of many articles and media items. I will add what I can.



Vladimir Horowitz Live at Carnegie Hall -- 1943-1978

ARSC Journal, 2014

Max Massei, author

Horowitz and Beethoven - An Uneasy Pairing

allaboutclassical.com, 2004

Hank Drake, author



Horowitz in the Brahms Concerti - A Mismatch Made in Heaven?

Appian, 2000

Michael Glover, author



Horowitz and Barbirolli:

the Ultimate Rachmaninov Third and Tchaikovsky First?

Appian, 1997

Michael Glover, author



Joseph Horowitz Recants

The Unanswered Question, February 2010

Joseph Horowitz, author



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